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by Sylvia Klose

Marina Loves Sea Life Paperback

Love Sea Life Collections
Sea animals can be valuable allies who can help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. You can turn to these delightful creatures & trust their worthy advice on any concerns you may have. They are exceptional teachers who can help teach you about the natural world. Watch for the special messages they may be sending you. Choose your favorite sea animal or let it choose you!

feel the good in doing good


Sea Goddess
Listen to the whisper of the Sea Goddess… The Pendant chooses you at the perfect time!
Soulful Pendants
Through SeaKolors we inspire the waking up of the inner Goddess. We believe that every human being holds unlimited potential that can be unlocked through the prism of consciousness aligned with pure action. Our products connect both in perfect harmony.
Bracelet Kolors
Just released
Tidal Kolors
Like waters deep and ancient, Amazonite beads beckons a soothing mix of blues, greens & tans, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. The peaceful beachy look is enhanced with artistic handmade beads available in either silver or gold. Easy on and off closures are stylish yet functional. When you feel the gravitational pull of life… may the Tidal Kolors Bracelet help you to “Go with the Flow!”
SoulKolors: T shirt line

what our customers say

I recently purchased the Dolphin bracelet during a particularly busy and stressful period at work. Not only did the gorgeous color speak to me, I love looking down at the "Play more, be joyful" reminder to myself to choose balance; relaxation and fun is important for the soul!

Anne M.

I have several beautiful pieces of Seakolors jewelry and couldn't be happier with the inspirational designs and the outstanding quality! The icing on top is the satisfaction that my purchase is also giving back to nature - a cause that is important to me.

Verified Buyer.

Thank you, for my beautiful dolphin pendent! I absolutely love it! I wear it every day and have received so many compliments. I love that I am reminded to “play more & be joyful” and knowing that your company gives back to ocean conservation makes it even more special! Looking forward to layering a few more of your handmade pieces.

Debra S.

I was given a SeaKolors animal pendant necklace by a special friend. On the back it said "Value Your Inner Beauty". I get so many compliments on it. Being in the handcrafted jewelry business for almost 40 years I have seen a-lot.
The beautiful designs with their inspirational quotes are superior to others in design and quality. Wear one for the guidance we all need in our lives.

Michelle B.

I wanted to tell you how much I love my medallion necklace. It is the Love necklace with “always in my heart “ inscribed on the back. It was a gift from my friend to celebrate the life of a very dear friend to both of us. When I wear the piece it makes me feel close to my late friend because he truly is always in my heart. Thank you. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Marg R.

I have been wearing SeaKolors beautiful jewelry for several years. I love the way I feel when wearing one of the inspired, uniquely designed necklaces. My favorite piece is the “Peace begins with Me” pendant. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Suzanne B.

The design and quality of SeaKolor’s jewellery makes it stand out amongst other products. Thanks for making your website filled with messages of love and peace. So very inspiring. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Yvette C.

Reward yourself with a piece of this fine jewelry. The craftsmanship is beautiful and the spiritual essence will give you a wonderful sense of serenity and confidence when you wear it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Diane B.

I LOVE my "Peace begins with me" pendant! I purchased it with the long sterling silver rolo chain and loved wearing it so much that I purchased an additional shorter sterling silver rolo chain to wear with different necklines. I get SO many compliments every time I wear it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Peggy O.

with love and care

Each product is handmade with Love & Care. Each Design is unique and it is our hope that it will inspire & assist you in carrying out different healing benefits that can help you align with your ultimate journey. Our brand is passionate about helping others through nature, high vibration attracting everything you want in your life with intention. Become a master manifester and be divinely protected to live your best life, with the Blessing and guidance of the Universe. We are receiving a Blessing from you with each purchase and extending a Blessing back to you! Every sale helps us donate to charity helping the sea world and for that we Thank you! Feel like the Goddess wherever you go, as you truly are!