Jewlery to inspire.

You have your own rhythm, the natural Flow of your life…

our story

Each one of us has our own unique flow of harmony and balance. When we are flowing we effortlessly attract what we desire in our life. We feel a sense of peace. We are present and patient. We practice gratitude. But let’s get real…something inevitably happens, triggers an old thought pattern and…we are lost at sea, taken out of that beautiful flow in a holy instant. Negative thoughts attracting negative experiences, focusing only on what is wrong. Uninspired, losing a sense of purpose and a connection to Divinity.

Until we make a choice.

our values

ocean conservation

With every purchase from SeaKolors we will donate 11% to ocean conservation charities. Protecting our most loved oceans is something we are passionate about and want to help change.

spreading harmony

The right choice leads us to a point of harmony with all things, no matter how hard or long the road taken. Each handmade piece in the SeaKolors Collection is a token, a stylishly subtle reminder that life forever cycles in eternal motion – in any moment, we can stop, breathe, make a choice, and return to our natural flow.

connected to the sea

We have an eternal connection to the sea. Our Jewlery has a powerful balance of color, symbolism, positivity and natural elements, each piece contains within it an opportunity to bring your awareness back to what is most important. Wear your SeaKolors daily and as you find yourself slipping out of the flow, remind yourself of who you are, what you are here for.

We care about the ocean


Support our cause


Our mission is to be perceived as a handmade and timeless jewelry brand that is inspired by nature and consciousness to bring more balance and harmony in the world by helping Sea life.


Our vision is that through our jewelry we can help women feel more empowered, beautiful, and Aligned with themselves and their values.